Here you will come accross some curiosities. I used Winace to zip. If you see c00 or anything like that before the .zip, delete the .zip following it.

A friend of mine made this IRC client, having of course a Tomb Raider background for the pic.: Download

An interesting one for AVI collectors (Lara is playing with snowbals): Download

MP3 SYS : Download

TR 4, Menacure'S Pyramid: making it through to the great pyramid.827,3 k Download

TR 4, The lost library: An easy mean to defeat the horseman: 2,9Mb: Download

TR 5, The base: making it through to the crane operator 1,7 Mb: Download

Kind of early ones, still: screen savers


Screenshot2: Download

Screenshot3: Download

Screenshot4 The movie: Download

Screenshot5 Models 2,5Mb: Download

Same thing, including an MP3 file 5,4Mb: Download

The coolest screen saver up to now. Download