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TRGBC1 - Temple A - The "slope bug" with a new variant... (Discovered by Jani) And once again a "slope bug"! Although the TRGBC-episodes are quite full with this bug, this is a "must-be-mentioned" one! Why? Because Jani found a new variant of it: the "classic" way doesn't work at the bottom of the slope...instead of doing this, we have to use the "fracture with the pistols" - draw the pistols and press X+Y(or Z) - way, which is a brand new, not yet mentioned trick of provoking the "slope bug". At any rate, how Lara is flying out of the screen is rather interesting... Congratulations to Jani for discovering this new variant of the "slope bug"! Jani's original remark for this bug: "This is another bug too, and it's the marvel of the 45 degrees again. Lara with Her pistols will act a big somersault by pressing Z(or Y)+X."

TRGBC1 - Royal Tombs A -- New "enemy bug"... (Discovered by Jani) This is a new variant of the "enemy bug", as it shows on the picture: the witch "has some fear" about going above the closed trapdoor...perhaps he has fear that Lara may drop him down into the hole … ;) Jani's original message for this bug: "A guy is badgering Lara with his fireballs and follow her while Lara's hopping backwards slowly. It's interesting but the balls are only flying 'till one point. But when the guy is gone at this point, he turns back and starts shooting at the opposite direction...:))" TombGBC1_Royal Tombs A - New 'enemy bug'.zip

TRGBC1 - Royal Tombs B -- The first documented 'slope bug'...

This first bug is the proof that not only the PC versions of Tomb Raider are loaded with similar bugs. The GameBoy Color sequels also contain bugs and although this is the only one I found so far, potentially several others could be in situations alike. This error is a bit similar to the 'corner bug' known from the PC versions of Tomb Raider but since here things happen in 2D it shows up in different situations and the result is different, too. The bug you can see in the picture is generated at imaginary corners, to be more exact, in the angle formed by the floor and a slope. First I named it 'in-the-corner bug' but later decided that the phrase 'slope bug' would be more appropriate since it occurs (and may be used) at slopes. I think this bug is not unique and may occur at several places in the game. We could possibly even make a profit out of it similarly to the corner bugs in the PC games.

The place seen in the picture can be found at the very beginning of the 'Royal Tombs B' level. If after sliding down on the slope you position Lara in the appropriate place and distance (facing the slope) and take a jump, you will find her 'downstairs' at the next (deeper) level. So she fell through the wall.

You can also see another bug in this picture. When Lara arrives at the deeper level she doesn't care that the ceiling is not high enough and shell allow crouching only. She stands up and pushes her head in the wall. Download

 Treasure Chambers A two new slope bugs
II found two new slope bugs... and I think I'll find more during the game! The first one rewards you with a small shortcut. But it's really short plus a scorpion will slap you in the face. The second one is more interesting, by using it you'll lock Lara into a tunnel below and she can't escape because the sliding floor above can be opened from the outside only. As you can see Lara can't benefit too much from these bugs but don't give up, there's a chance we'll find something really interesting
Download:   1 2

 TRGBC1 Treasure Chambers C – enemy bug
How to kill an enemy with seven bullets instead of... three? (Same type of ammo, of course.)
Well, this one is a really interesting bug and the enemy's failure, not Lara's. The point is that you can shoot the guy as long as you want if you use the door before releasing the last bullet. When you come back to the room the guy forgets that he is supposed to die.
Three bullets should be enough for this guy. As you can see in the picture Lara had 64 in the beginning then shot the poor chap twice. The third would be deadly so she left the room through the door. Then she came back. She had 62 heavy bullets and shot the guy twice again... and nothing happened although he should have died after the first shot. You can follow this sequence as long as you want to (and Lara has bullets). Just for a joke Lara decides to leave again. When she enters the room she shoots the guy three times so he finally decides to decease. As you can see Lara had 57 bullets in the end so he used seven bullets for this little dirty work instead of three. This girl is so thriftless! If you don't believe it
Download the save.

TRGBC1 Treasure Chambers C – slope bug - the first really useful
Oh yeah, a new bug from the by-now-traditional TRGBC1 slope bugs. And this one is useful! You slid down the slope which generates this bug (amazing, huh ?). But there were several other slopes before this one and at one of them Lara could have caught a ledge to pick up some ammunition. But it came too fast and she missed it. You can do nothing about it now.
But wait a minute... can't you? Use the slope bug and Lara will find herself at a previous part of the level so she has the opportunity to try again! Ummm, could have the designers done this on purpose?! For full fun and experience
Download the saved game!

TRGBC1 –new bugs
I found two very interesting bugs again. The TRGBC doesn't belie the Tomb Raider series in terms of bugs, that's for sure.

Treasure Chambers C – enemy bug, again!
II found an interesting detail at the very end of the level - the enemy bug doesn't solely work at doors. The "Rambo" (this is how I call these fellows) in the picture needs two bullets to lie down. But if you run far enough from the guy the enemy bug arises again. You can see in the picture that Lara used two times more ammo to defeat this guy than the necessary amount. She is spending bullets like water again...
After this bug we can conclude that there could be hundreds of enemy bugs in TRGBC1 since you can find a similar situation very easily. You just need a baddy and enough space to run away far enough!


Caverns A – underwater door bug, an example for passable underwater doors
It's impossible to swim through the first door in the picture but you can manage to pass above or below it. Then you reach the second door that Lara can pass very easily, this time simply through the door!
The switch that operates these doors is very close and it opens both. Maybe that's why they made this underwater sequence in this strange way - only the first door blocks Lara. Theoretically she shouldn't be able to reach the second door if the first one is closed and the switch opens both. But the developers didn't take into account that the cave tunnel is wider than the door and it resulted in this nice bug-complex.

  TRGBC1 "Caverns B" -

It's almost incredible that all of these five bugs are in the Caverns B level. Two typical types of bugs, the "slope bug" and the "underwater door bug" rule this level. We can say they usually help the players progress through the level. I don't want to analyse these bugs the pictures and saves stand for themselves. :) Download


"Volcanic Temple C" - A "slope bug" with the ladder... If it's true, then this is the last bug in the whole game. This is a "slope bug" again, wich is reachable from the ladder. It's not the first bug like this and this one is really unpleasent, because of the hot lava, so it's fully useless.... Download

 TRGBC1 "Volcanic Temple B" – two slope bugs in one
Two new slope bugs now immediately one after the other. You can see in the picture that Lara falls through the slope after she let the ladder go and touching down she uses the slope bug again on the other slope. Thus, the first slope bug is special and the ladder's presence makes it usable. And a further notice - if you climb higher on the ladder the bug won't work and Lara simply slides down on the slope as she is normally supposed to. You have to be careful with the second slope bug since if you don't open the door first Lara will trap herself. And if the question is raised "Why use the bug if the door is already open?", well, my answer is "just for fun". ;) So it's highly recommended to download and try this save.

TRGBC1 "Volcanic Temple B" A new, special "slope bug"... maybe "wall bug"!
I can add a new bug to my collection and this one again comes from the "Volcanic Temple B" level. Moreover it's a quite special slope bug. It is special since as seen in the picture no slope is required to perform it! This is unprecedented. Very likely the secret of this bug is the presence of the uneven wall in front of Lara that may have the same effect as a slope. As we know the slope bug is generated where a horizontal surface meets a slope. In case of the former two bugs the first was special since the slope bug occurred where a vertical surface met a slope. But at least there was a slope there! And there's no slope here. So we can conclude that an uneven wall can do the slope's work. And this is the case in this example, exactly the same happens to Lara as it would with a slope bug but now the wall's presence induces the error. This was the first time I've encountered this variant of the bug - it hasn't appeared before or at least I've never noticed it. We may consider though there could be several situations like this in the game and the there could be several similar special slope bugs in TRGBC1. Of course you have to be as careful as in case of the former (second) slope bug since you will arrive at the same spot and if you don't open the door first Lara will be trapped. So, this is a new very interesting and special bug and it's highly recommended to download it! And if I find new bugs of this kind later I'll name them "wall bug" (referring to uneven walls) to separate them from the slope bugs.

TRGBC1 "Volcanic Temple B" – wall bug - official this time!
In the description of the special slope bug above I said if I found another one, I would pick up these bugs and create a new "wall bug" category for them. Well, I've found one. We are still in the "Volcanic Temple B" level just somewhat later and we can find an uneven wall again which generates the wall bug! As the example in the picture shows by the help of the wall bug Lara can get back to places where she shouldn't be able to. This way she can pick up items she missed before...
. Download



 The first one is a new 'slope bug' from TRGBC2! It's quite useless, moreover, rather harmful to her health - Lara arrives on electrically charged rails.. . Download

TRGBC2 'The Subway' – 'door bug'
I found a new bug at the very end of the "Subway" level of TRGBC2. As you can see in the picture Lara would jump but bangs into some kind of invisible wall. This bug can be generated only if you perform the jump in the very same way as seen in the screenshot (except you can jump from the left side as well). Of course, jumping in front of the door from different positions and distances will not cause you any trouble. By the way, this bug is not a general one and won't show up at all doors but at a few of them. At this point I have no explanation to why it happens.

 TRGBC2 – 'The Subway' – 'pickup bug' A new and unique TRGBC2 bug again! As you can see in the picture you can pick up an extra small medipack, or I should say you can pick up the same medipack twice. To do this trick you have to pick up the medipack first, leave the room then come back... and voila... a brand new small medipack shows up! Most likely, the cause of this bug is that this room can be reached through two doors - there is a lower and an upper entry / exit. If you come in through the upper door, the bug will not appear... so this is the move the program expected. But if you use the lower entry the upper door is going to be the exit, the "pickup bug" develops and you can take the same medipack twice.   Download

TRGBC2 - "The Docks" - the door bug' aka the slow door
As you can see in the picture this bug is due to the slowness and proximity of the door. This door is pressure-activated - as Lara steps on the sensor it will open and as she steps off the sensor it will be closed again. But the door is too close this time so Lara can pass it. This bug does not work sometimes even if you do everything exactly the same way as seen in the picture. But it usually does... just with this door though, not with the others of the same kind you can find in this level. You should succeed with this saved game!

 TRGBC2 - "The Docks" - 'enemy bug' or 'Lara as life source'
It's a very interesting bug! The picture shows that Lara is trying to explode the thug because she got tired of his being so rude. She puts a dinamite on the ground but the detonation doesn't kill the guy (though injuring Lara). The thug keeps hitting her. She tolerates it for a while then decides to go away and find new challenges. But as she takes a few steps the thug drops dead! It's curious that as long as Lara was standing next to the guy he was alive and well but as she took a few steps aside (but did not shoot him) he deceased. It seems that Lara was his life source. ;) Download

 TRGBC2 - "The Docks" - 'the pool bug' a.k.a. the hollow pool. As seen in the picture, Lara comes through the pool and drops out of the screen. A bit later she loses all her life energy and dies. (Game Over) What can I say, she shouldn't have jumped into that mess! ;) Download

'Slope Bug Error' - the slope bug doesn't work on the right! As you can see in the picture Lara is positioned at the slope then jumps as usual... but the 'slope bug' does not come into action this time. This is the only slope in the whole TRGBC2 which slopes from the right and the bug doesn't work here. Possibly other right sided slopes wouldn't work either, should there be any. So, what's the reason? Good question! Download

'slope bug' It's a completely usual 'slope bug', we've seen this type million times. It results in a small shortcut. Download

'Floor bug' - a.k.a. the hollow floor - again. This is the last hall of the game with the main baddy in it. Lara stands at the very beginning of the hall. If she turns back she will run on a hollow floor again, fall out of the screen and die Download


Tomb Raider GB III. - The Prophecy (2002.; EIDOS, CORE, Ubi Soft)

I attached the stucking wolf's picture. To tell the truth, it's not a real bug. The point is that the program doesn't contain the enemies' ability to avoid some objects like this.
So, that's all.


TRGB3 -- 21. TIME - Bug in the level-design...

Check the pictures and the savegames to understand this bug. We can easily access the "deep" of the black pit and the ceiling of a room under the hole, but there's no way to get out of this situation... . Download Save